Video Services

[warning]Question: Is it possible to find a local video production service that is creative, professional, and affordable?[/warning]

[success]With Gearbox Studios, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”.[/success] Our premiere video-editing suite has been designed to provide you, the client, with a convenient means of producing what you need: a professional product that truly tells your story.

The staff at Gearbox Studios brings the experience and creativity needed to create top-notch products. We’ve been producing professional video and audio work since 1992, and can step into your project at any point – from project planning, to shooting source footage, to editing and applying special effects – the Gearbox Studios staff is ready to make your product look and sound great. Our designers can also take your project to final distribution with impressive DVD or CD-ROM authoring and complete packaging design.

Conveniently located midway between Salem and Portland, our studios offer a comfortable setting for viewing your work in progress. For creative, professional, and truly affordable video services, turn to Gearbox Studios.