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With the expansion of the internet, many companies have found that their virtual storefront needs to have the same impact as their physical storefront. Whether you're in the market for your first website, or are looking to take your current website in a new direction, Gearbox Studios may just be your best choice.


Gearbox Studios brings you complete marketing production with a full slate of print services. Our creative staff can round out your CD project with a great mailing package, or produce your next award-winning ad campaign. Our fully digital environment means we can keep your assets looking their best from start to finish.

Video Production

With a strong background in broadcast television, our video production staff can assist you with all aspects of your next video project.

Audio Production

No production is really complete without the emotion that music brings! Here at Gearbox Studios, we know that the right musical score can make a good presentation great. From Music CDs, to Enhanced CDs, through the web, or on DVDs, our musicians bring your projects to life!

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Download and Install WebConnector

June 10th by Adam Trickey

Download and Install WebConnector: Intuit makes a product called WebConnector. WebConnector communicates with your QuickBooks and then communicates with your PrestaShop site through our “QuickBooks Sync module“. First you will need to download and install WebConnector. Go to http://marketplace.intuit.com/webconnector/ and choose the correct version for you. Run the installer. Open the QuickBooks Web Connector from the Window’s Start […]

QuickBooks Sync

June 10th by Adam Trickey

Installation Directions: 1. Purchase and Install our QuickBooks Sync module: You will need to download and then install on your PrestaShop site our module. If you haven’t purchased the module then do so now. After purchasing the module you will get a link to download it. After downloading it you will need to then install it to your […]