Pioneer Electronics AVIC Campaign

Pioneer Electronics AVIC Campaign

Gearbox Studios Design and Marketing

Client: Pioneer

Pioneer Electronics AVIC Campaign

Pioneer Electronics needed an advertising campaign to promote their new AVIC-N2 navigation system to the over-the-road trucking industry.

Gearbox Studios turned drivers into consumers with a carefully created campaign that highlighted the AVIC-N2’s benefits to OTR drivers. Using national print advertising, web banner ads, and a rich e-mail campaign, the campaign drove customers to the online web site and national sales phone number. With the success of the AVIC-N2 campaign, Pioneer expanded the Gearbox Studios’ role to cover the wider AVIC product line and a broader audience. Subsequent production components included retail displays for the AVIC-Z1, AVIC-N3, & AVIC-D2. Target markets have expanded to include general automotive, truck and RV dealerships.

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