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Jun 10

Known Issues

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Jun 10

QuickBooks Company File Name: WebConnector doe’s not like special characters as well as spaces in the company file name. You can change the company file name by going to “File >>Company Operations” in QuickBooks. This will let you rename it to something less problematic.

Single User Mode: In order for WebConnector to communicate with you company file QuickBooks must be in Multi-User Mode. Intuit’s WebConnector is basically a user connecting to your QuickBooks.

SSL Certificate: Intuit’s WbeConnector requires that your site have a valid SSL certificate. From our experience we have not been able to get a self-signed certificate to work.

Bandwidth Usage: Running WebConnector takes up bandwidth. If you have a limited amount of bandwidth (restricted by host provider and possibly ISP) and you have automated updates going every few minutes as well as your QuickBooks company file has lots of records you can use a lot of bandwidth. Depending on your host provider this could mean extra charges to you. We estimate that for every 500 products in QuickBooks it will use 1 MB of bandwidth. So if you are a retailer that has tens of thousands of products in your QuickBooks and you run the sync regularly then you could start eating up your bandwidth pretty fast.

Here is a helpful formula you can use: Number of products in QuickBooks divided by 500 = bandwidth used for each sync. Now if you have “Auto-Run” enabled in WebConnector take that number and multiply by the number of times WebConnector will get run in a 24 hour period and then take that number and multiply by 30 and that will give you how much bandwidth you will use in a month which is what most providers charge you for.

As an example let’s say I have a store that has 8,000 products in QuickBooks (does not matter if there is stock or not) and I want to run sync every hour. My formula would be 24 x (8,000 ÷ 500) x30 = 11.24 gigs! That is a lot of bandwidth! So please be aware of what price you will be paying if you are wanting to run “Auto-Run” and have lots of products.

WebConnector QWC “Remove”: WebConnector can be finicky to say the least. If you change your company file name in QuickBooks after already adding a QWC file that looked to your old name then you will get errors and will not be able to add or remove the mis-matched QWC file. To remove the mis-matched QWC file you will need to rename your QuickBooks company file to match what was defined in the QWC file.

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